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Past PhD students
  1. Rahul Kumar Gupta (PhD TIFR Hyderabad, formally supervised by S Sengupta / P Perlekar (defended 29 Sep 2021))
    Simulations and Theory in Active Granular Matter: Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Nonreciprocal Interactions
    postdoc with Hartmut Loewen, Univ of Duesseldorf

  2. Lokrshi Prawar Dadhichi (PhD TIFR Hyderabad, formal supervisor Surajit Sengupta, TCIS-TIFR)
    Active Matter: fundamentals, non-mutual interactions and anomalous hydrodynamics (2021);
    Humboldt postdoc, Univ of Leipzig; mentor: Klaus Kroy

  3. Rahul Chajwa (PhD ICTS-TIFR, jointly with Rama Govindarajan, ICTS-TIFR,
    and Narayanan Menon, UMass Amherst)
    Driven Stokesian suspensions: particle anisotropy, effective inertia, and transient growth (2021).
    postdoc with Manu Prakash, Stanford

  4. Rayan Chatterjee (PhD TIFR Hyderabad jointly with Prasad Perlekar)
    Active polar suspensions: Stability and Turbulence (2020).
    postdoc, OHNS, Stanford, studying hearing with D Ó Maoiléidigh

  5. Sabiha Majumder (jointly with Vishwesha Guttal)
    Multiple stable states and abrupt transitions in spatial ecosystems (2017).
    now with ING Group, Risk Management, Amsterdam

  6. Ranjan Krishna Modak (jointly with Subroto Mukerjee)
    Thermalization and its relation to localization, conservation laws and integrability in
    quantum systems
    Now at IIT Tirupati

  7. Nitin Kumar (jointly with Ajay Sood)
    Driven Granular and Soft-Matter: Fluctuation Relations, Flocking and Oscillatory Sedimentation (2015).
    now on the faculty of the physics department at IIT Bombay

  8. Harsh Soni
    Flocks, Flow and Fluctuations in Inanimate Matter: Simulations and Theory (2015).
    Assistant professor at IIT Mandi

  9. Ananyo Maitra
    Crawling, waving, spinning: activity matters (2014).
    Now an independent TALENT fellow at Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Modelisation (LPTM) at CY Cergy Paris

  10. Suropriya Saha
    Phoretic motion of colloids: Single particle and collective behaviour (2014).
    Group Leader, Field Theories of Active Matter, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organization, Goettingen

  11. Tapan Chandra Adhyapak
    Mesophases of active matter: translational order, critical rheology and electrostatics (2012).
    Now on the faculty at IISER Tirupati

  12. Saroj Kumar Nandi
    Confinement, Coarsening and Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Glassy and
    Yielding Systems
    Now on the faculty of TIFR Hyderabad

  13. K Vijay Kumar
    Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Sedimenting and Self-propelled Systems (2010).
    Now on the faculty of the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (TIFR), Bangalore

  14. Shradha Mishra
    Dynamics, order and fluctuations in active nematics: numerical and theoretical
    Now at the Dept of Physics, IIT BHU

  15. Vijay Narayan (Jointly with Narayanan Menon)
    Phase behaviour and dynamics of an agitated monolayer of granular rods (2008).
    Now Head of Physics Group, Evonetix, Cambridge

  16. Moumita Das (Jointly with G Ananthakrishna)
    Ordering, stochasticity, and rheology in sheared and confined complex fluids (2005).
    Now at the Rochester Institute of Technology

  17. Ronojoy Adhikari
    Inclusions, defects, and flow-induced forces in surfactant mesophases (2004).
    Now at DAMTP, Cambridge

  18. R Aditi Simha
    Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics of Driven Interacting Particles: Self-propulsion,
    Sedimentation and Flux Flow

  19. Rangan Lahiri (d Feb 1998)
    Nonequilibrium steady states in driven diffusive systems: sheared colloids, noisy ratchets
    and sedimenting suspensions

  20. Sujan Kumar Dhar (Jointly with Rahul Pandit)
    Scaling and universality in driven systems: the sandpile model and the GOY shell model
    of turbulence
    Now at Abexome Biociences, Bangalore

  21. A V Indrani (Jointly with Chandan Dasgupta)
    Equilibrium and nonequilibrium dynamics of dense liquids(1995).

  22. Yashodhan Hatwalne
    Phasons, topological defects, and dynamics in incommensurate matter (1993).
    Now at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

  23. Yatin J Marathe (jointly with N Kumar)
    Dissipative dynamics of quantum and classical systems (1990).

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Past Postdocs
  1. Sumithra Sankararaman
    Now with Washington Univ, St Louis
  2. Norio Kikuchi
    Now with Ibasei Ltd, Ibaraki, Japan
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  1. Kuipou William (visiting student from Univ of Yaounde, Cameroon, 2019).

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