Dr. Roopali joined Oxford University as a Materials Analyst.
    Congratulations Dr. Roopali!
    Shweta Chahal defended her thesis on 18-04-2023.
    Shweta joined Nottingham Uiniversity as a Research Associate.
    Congratulations Dr. Shweta!
    Dilip Kumar Meena defended his thesis on 17-04-2023.
    Dilip joined as an Assistant Professor in Garhwal University, Uttarakhand.
    Congratulations Dr. Dilip!
    Dr. Abhishek moved to Pune University.
    Wish you all good, Abhishek.

    Nimitha Prabhu (Research Associate) defended her thesis on 06-01-2022.
    Congratulations Dr. Nimitha!

Dr. K. Ramesh

Principal Research Scientist


Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012,   India.

Curriculam Vitae



Research interests


  • Glass formation, structure property relations, structural relaxation in chalcogenide glasses
  • Phase change memory materials
  • Infrared transmitting chalcogenide glsses
  • Thermoelectric properties of chalcogenide glasses
  • Photovoltaic materials (SnS and Perovskite based solar cell materials)
  • Synthesis of stoichiometric carbon nitrides (C3N4)
  • Structural and phase transition of solids at High pressures and at elevated temperatures



                                                             With My "Guru" Prof. E.S.R. Gopal


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