Welcome to the web page of the IQM group!

We are a Materials Physics group in the Department of physics, IISc Bangalore, India.

Our aim is to discover exotic, emergent  electronic and magnetic phenomena e.g. superconductivity, metal-insulator transition, high mobility electron gas, spin liquid phase, non-trivial spin texture etc., primarily in artificial quantum materials.  To obtain these collective phases, we grow and study electrical transport and magnetic behaviors of thin films, heterostructures and superlattices of transition metal oxides. We grow these nanometer-thin structures with unit cell precision by pulsed laser deposition. In order to gain microscopic understanding of the electronic, magnetic and structural changes due to the heterostructuring, we use synchrotron X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy, and resonant X-ray scattering.

Recent News

  • Ranjan has submitted his PhD thesis and has moved to Rutgers University. Congratulations! [March, 2023]

  • Our proposal of core research grant, submitted to SERB, has been approved for funding. [January2023]

Srimanta has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Congratulations! [December 2022]

We are grateful to our all past and present funding agencies for their support