Name  : Krityunjai Prasad Sinha
Date of Birth : July 5, 1929
Address : D-105, Sterling Residency,Dollar Colony
Bangalore 560 094, India
Phone : (080)2351-8553
E-mail :;;

Krityunjai Prasad Sinha was born on 5 July, 1929 at Akhtiarpore, India.  His academic career comprise: Matriculation (1944), I.Sc.(1944-46); B.Sc.(1946-48); M.Sc. (1948-50), at Allahabad University; Ph.D. (Solid State) (1953-1956) Poona University, under the supervision of Prof. G.I.Finch, F.R.S.; Post Doctoral Research with Prof. M.H.L .Prycc, F.R.S. at H.H.Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, U.K.(1957-1959), in Theoretical Physics leading to 2nd Ph.D. (1965) Bristol University, U.K.


Position Held:

Group Leader, Solid State & Molecular Physics Unit, National Chemical Laboratory, Scientist, Pune, India (1959-68); Phase transition in solids, transport properties of semiconductors, interactions in magnetic solids.

Bell Laboratories, Member of Tech. Staff, Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA (1968-70);

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore(1970-89)  – Senior Professor, Departments of Physics, Applied Mathematics and Centre for Theoretical Studies, Division of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (1970-89); Chairman, Applied Mathematics (1971-73; 1975-77); Chairman, Division of Physics & Mathematics (1972-76); Chairman, Centre for Theoretical Studies (1972-73;1981-87); Indian National Science Academy, Senior Scientist (1990-93); Institute of Fundamental Research on Complex System, Director, NEHU, Shillong, India (1991-94); Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Research in Condensed Matter Theory at Lyman Laboratories(Summer 1999); Draper Laboratory, Consultant , 555 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA Work on Semiconductors and Quantum Well (2000-03); Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Scientist, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Cambridge, MA – Dissipative tunneling in solids involving phonons and photon-induced effects (2000-03); Honorary Scientist, INSA at Department of Physics, I.I.Sc., Bangalore (2006 - ); Member of Board, Science for Humanity Trust, Bangalore (2005 -  )


ACADEMIC & RESEARCH CONTRIBUTIONS: Highlights of Notable Research work:

(1) the quantum theory of reaction mechanism in the solid state (2) the discovery and the first statistical theory of cooperative Jahn-teller effect induced structural phase transition and the origin of ferroelectricity (3) mechanisms of exchange interaction in magnetic solids (4) spin-phonon, phonon-magnon and electron-magnon interactions and relaxation processes in para-, ferro-, ferri- and antiferromagnetic solids. (5) electron-phonon interaction and transport properties of semiconductors (6) the origin of  giant magnetic moments and resistance minimum phenomenon in dilute alloys (7) novel electronic pairing mechanism involving local charges bosons or biexcitons for high temperature superconductivity and the prediction of the phenomenon of photon (real exciton) –induced superconductivity under non-equilibrium  conditions – an effect recently discovered in cuprates (8) non-radiative electron-hole recombination processes and the effect on luminescence efficienty of some solids (9)  phase transitions involving electron-hole (exciton) pairs in semiconductors, (10) the role of superstrong gravity at extreme matter densities and the stability of elementary particles, (11) the study of phase transition and repulsive gravity due to non-minimal coupling with a scalar field and singularity free cosmology (12) and the dual nature of Ricci scalar beyond a high energy regime in the early universe and its role on a non-singular cosmological model, quantum gravity and particle production (13) theoretical work on low energy nuclear reactions in the solid state and possible production of energy and photo-induced superconductivity and energy production.

Mentored 35 Ph.D. students and 10 postdoctoral fellows during his research career at various institutions.   Taught Advanced courses of various branches of theoretical physics


OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS/ACHIEVEMENTS:  He established schools of research activity in condensed matter theoretical studies and complex systems at many institutions in India

Visiting Scientist/Professor: International Centre of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (1970,72, 76 and 83) H.H.Wills Physics Lab, Univ. of Bristol and Cavendish Laboratory, University of  Cambridge, U.K. (1977-78); Univ. of Grenoble and C.N.R.S., Grenoble, Univ. of Paris, France (Summer 1983 and 1984); Institute of Physical Problem, Moscow and Institute of Theoretical Physics, Goteberg, Sweden (Summer 1986); Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Canada (1987-88); Plenary or Invited Speaker and Session Chairman in many National and International Conferences. Miami, ICCF-8 (2000) Italy, ICCF-10 (2003) Boston, USA.


AWARDS: Indian National Science Academy (Fellow); Indian Academy of Sciences (Fellow); National Academy of  Sciences, India (Fellow); Foundation Fellow, Indian Cryogenic Council (President, 1990-93); Indian Physics Association (Chapter Chairman, 1971-73), Indian Science Congress Association; Society for Scientific Values; American Physical Society; New York Academy of Sciences, New York; Hon. Member, Intl. Society of General Relatively and Gravitation; Life Member IARG; Life Member NMR Society; Member AAAS, USA.   UGC National Lectureship, 1972-73, Deshmukh Lectures, Physics Dept., Nagpur Univ. 1995; S.S.Bhatnagar Prize in Physical Sciences, 1974; Award in Physics, MERU, Switzerland and MIU, Iowa, USA, 1975; Distinguished Alumni, H.H.Wills Physics Laboratory, Univ. of Bristol, U.K. 1977; Platinum Jubilee Distinguished Alumni Award of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1984; MSIL Professorship, IISc, Bangalore, 1986-88; INSA Senior Scientist, 1990-93; CSIR Distinguished Scientist, 1993-96; JNCASR Senior Scientist, 1996-98; INSA Honorary Scientist, 2006 –

World Who’s Who in Science from Antiquity to the Present, Marquis Who is Who Incorporated, Chicago, 1968; India’s Who’s Who, Infa Publications 1976-77, Continuing; Men of Achievement, Intl. Biography Centre, Cambridge, UK, 1985-86

Publications: Over 300 papers; 6 Books and 3 Reviews

Current Interests: Work on noval concepts and their applications to generation of energy