Welcome to Seminar Series

The Physics department faculty and few student volunteers have initiated lecture series which will take place every fortnight. The speakers will mainly comprise of faculty and PhD and integrated PhD students in their penultimate year of graduation. The motivation behind this initiative is to allow the physics fraternity in the institute to engage and discuss about the current research status and developments in various groups and thereby fields. We hope that this initiative proves to be helpful in creating an atmosphere for easy exchange of ideas and suggestions.

Lecture Details:

  • 1. The presentation should be of 25+5 minutes format.

  • 2. The student is expected to present his/her work or a particular problem that he/she has been working on.

  • 3. The talk need not be like a thesis overview. It should mainly be a pedagogical presentation where ones' work/problem in question is being compared and contrasted with a historical overview and present day solution proposed by the student's graduate work.

  • 4. The student needs to send us an abstract of the talk at least 1 week before their assigned date (in PDF format or LaTex file is also fine). This gives us time to inform and spread a word about it to as many people as possible.

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