Welcome to Seminar Series

The Physics department faculty and few student volunteers have initiated lecture series which will take place every fortnight. The speakers will mainly comprise of faculty, PhD and integrated PhD students in their penultimate year of graduation. The motivation behind this initiative is to allow the physics fraternity in the institute to engage and discuss about the current research status and developments in various groups and thereby fields.

Please note that this is mainly for 4th year Phd and 6th year Int. Phd people. If any senior students are interested to give a talk, please do contact us we will try our best to accommodate.


Upcoming Talks (4PM Wednesday, 13th November 2019):

Sujay Ray
(Working with Prof. Tanmoy Das)

Wannier pairs in the superconducting twisted bilayer graphene and related systems Abstract

Neha Yadav
(working with Prof. Ambarish Ghosh )

Experimental Observation of Few Electron Bubbles in Liquid Helium Abstract

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