List of past talks

Date Speaker Title
24th April 2017 Sumilan Banerjee Discrete time crystal [Slides]
2nd March 2017 Sudipta Kundu First-principles theory of the luminescence lineshape for the transition in diamond NV centres [Slides]
9th February 2017 Soumi Ghosh Dynamics in many-body localized quantum systems without disorder [Slides]
29th December 2016 Oindrila Deb Topological characterization of periodically driven quantum system [Slides]
15th December 2016 Kaushik Ghosh Conformal Bootstrap as a tool to explore CFT in any dimension [Slides]
7th December 2016 Diptiman Sen Flatland and Topology - Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 [Slides]
27th October 2016 Sujay Ray Generalized DMRG with tree tensor network [Slides]
13th October 2016 Subhro Bhattacharjee Filling enforced insulators and metals [TBU]
29th September 2016 Diptiman Sen Introduction to quantum spin chains : Lecture 2 [Slides]
22nd September 2016 Diptiman Sen Introduction to quantum spin chains
15th September 2016 Tathagata Biswas Time-dependent stochastic Bethe-Salpeter approach [Slides]
1st September 2016 Soumen Bag Verwey transition in Fe3O4 investigated using LDA+DMFT [Slides]
25th August 2016 Kingshuk Sarkar Prediction of thermomagnetic and thermoelectric properties for novel materials and systems [Slides]
26th May 2016 Gaurav Gupta When topologically trivial and non-trivial systems sit together [Slides]
19th May 2016 Ranjani Seshadri Specular Andreev reflection in TI thin films [Slides]
5th May 2016 Sambuddha Sanyal Localization due to spatial random distribution of sites . [Notes]
21st April 2016 Tanmoy Das Topological Band Insulators. [Notes]
24th March 2016 Mit Naik Capturing doping-induced band gap renormalization in two-dimensional semiconductors. [Slides]
4th Feb 2016 Adhip Agarwala Wiring Topological Phases [Slides]
17th Dec 2015 Aabhaas Mallik GTO-STO hetero-structures: Similarities and differences with LAO-STO hetero-structures [Slides]
15th Oct 2015 Subroto Mukerjee The quantum spin Hall effect of light [Slides]
23rd Sep 2015 Manish Jain The kernel polynomial method [Slides]
20th July 2015 Chandan Dasgupta Experimental results for spin glasses; models; the replica method; the Edwards-Anderson order parameter [Slides]
25th June 2015 Soumen K Bag Matsubara QSGW+DMFT: application to Mott insulator La2CuO4 [Slides]
18th June 2015 Gaurav Kumar Gupta SU(3) Topological Insulator in Systems of Ultracold Atoms [Slides]
11th June 2015 Mit Naik DFT down a stochastic path [Slides]
21st May 2015 Ranjani Seshadri Electron Supercollimation in Graphene and Dirac Fermion Materials Using One-Dimensional Disorder Potentials [Slides]
7th May 2015 Tanmoy Das 100 years of superconductivity and new excitements [Slides]
30th April 2015 Diptiman Sen Introduction to topological systems in physics [Slides]
23rd April 2015 Arijit Haldar Polariton Z Topological Insulator [Slides]
16th April 2015 Sayonee Ray Correlation Dynamics During a Slow Interaction Quench in a One-Dimensional Bose Gas [Slides]
9th April 2015 Oindrila Deb Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor [Slides]
13th Nov 2014 Aabhaas Mallik Known and Non Fermi liquids [Slides]
30th Oct 2014 Debabrata Pramanik The role of electron localization in density functionals [Slides]
16th Oct 2014 Sambuddha Sanyal Surprises in the magnetoresistance measurements on graphite [Slides]
9th Oct 2014 Adhip Agarwala The story of SmB6 [Slides]
28th Aug 2014 Umesh K. Yadav Universal Features of the Mott-Metal Crossover in the Hole Doped $J=1/2$ Insulator $Sr_2IrO_4$ [Slides]
21st Aug 2014 Manjari Gupta Generating high 'effective magnetic field' in optical lattice systems: Realization of the Hofstadter-Harper Hamiltonian [Slides]
31st July 2014 Pramod Kesari Bosonic dynamical mean field theory [Slides]
24th July 2014 Pramod Verma Magnetism, superconductivity and their coexistence at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface [Slides]
3rd July 2014 Ranjan Modak Real space RG for dynamics of random spin chains and many-body localization [Slides]
19th June 2014 Abhishek Dhar Fluctuating hydrodynamics of one dimensional interacting systems [Slides]
12th June 2014 Sudeep Kumar Ghosh Anderson localization in cold atoms [Slides]
22nd May 2014 Kingshuk Sarkar Angular Fluctuations of a Multicomponent Order Describes the Pseudogap of YBCO [Slides]
8th May 2014 Subroto Mukerjee Supersymmetry in topological matter [Slides]
3rd Oct 2013 Ranjani Seshadri Wavefunction of the Surface States of a 3D Topological Insulator: Spin-Orbital Texture [Slides]
19th Sep 2013 Arijit Haldar From cosmology to cold atoms: Observation of Sakharov oscillations in quenched atomic superfluids [Slides]
5th Sep 2013 Ajit C. Balram Theory of Excitations of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect: Exclusion Rules for Bound Excitons [Slides]
22nd Aug 2013 Yinghai Wu Hofstadter Model: Past, Present and Future [Slides]
1st Aug 2013 Semonti Bhattacharyya Recent experiments in Quantum Transport of Topological Insulator [Slides]
18th July 2013 Anindya Das Transport in mesoscopic superconductor-semiconductor devices: Open FabryPerot to Coulomb blockade regime. [Slides]
27th June 2013 Oindrila Deb Surface states of a three dimensional topological insulator [Slides]
30th May 2013 Saquib Shamim Strange electron localization in 2D electron systems at half filling [Slides]
16th May 2013 Sayonee Ray Spin imbalance in mesoscopic superconductor [Slides]
18th Apr 2013 Umesh K. Yadav Phase Diagram of Under-doped Cuprate Superconductors [Slides]
4th Apr 2013 Aabhaas Mallik Quantum Oscillations in underdoped cuprate superconductors [Slides]
14 Mar 2013 Sandeep Gautam Roton Mode in Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates [Slides]
28 Feb 2013 Manish Jain Low energy models from first principles [Slides]
14 Feb 2013 Debabrata Pramanik Photoferroelectric solar to electrical conversion [Slides]
31 Jan 2013 Sudeep Ghosh Unconventional sequence of fractional quantum Hall states in suspended graphene [Slides]
17 Jan 2013 Manisha Thakurathi Floquet Topological Insulators and Majorana Modes [Slides]
03 Jan 2013 Sudeshna Sen What happens when oxides meet face to face? [Slides]
13 Dec 2012 Ranjan Modak Time Crystal [Slides]
29 Nov 2012 Smitha Vishveshwara Exploring Topological Insulators and their Edge States [Slides]
15 Nov 2012 Pramod Verma Energy storage in Azobenzene and ice confined in Carbon Nanotubes [Slides]
05 Nov 2012 Kingshuk Sarkar Phase Transition in 2D q-state Clock Models [Slides]
04 Oct 2012 Yogeshwar Prasad Dirac point engineering: Evolution and merging of Dirac points in optical lattices [Slides]
27 Sep 2012 Manjari Gupta Beyond s-wave Scattering in Optically Dressed Bose-Einstein Condensates
06 Sep 2012 Tapan Mishra Light-cone like dynamics in ultracold atoms in optical lattice [Slides]
23 Aug 2012 Abhishek Dhar Exact results for Levy walk description of anomalous heat transport
09 Aug 2012 Vidhyadhiraja Sudhindra Disorder and Interactions and Mott-Hubbard systems [Slides]
26 Jul 2012 Pramod Kesari Quantum Criticality in Heavy Fermion Systems [Slides]
10 Jul 2012 Himadri Barman Circuit-QED: A promising advance towards quantum computing [Slides]
26 Jun 2012 Amal Medhi Fractional Chern Insulator [Slides]
12 Jun 2012 Abhiram Soori Spin-orbital separation in 1-D [Slides]
29 May 2012 Aveek Bid Fractional charge and statistics in Quantum Hall systems
15 May 2012 Diptiman Sen Majorana fermions [Slides]
01 May 2012 Subroto Mukerjee Electrodynamics and topological insulators [Slides]
17 Apr 2012 Vijay B. Shenoy Minimally Entangled Typical Thermal States (METTS) [Slides]