List of some interesting papers

[1] Fractional Fermions with Non-Abelian Statistics
Reference: arXiv:1301.5822
A deceptively simple model hosts fractionally charged states that can be used for non-Abelian statistics in absence of superconductovity or BCS like pairing.

[2] Majorana Fermions: The race continues
Reference: arXiv:1302.3641
"A critical overview is given, aimed at non-specialist audience, of the recent efforts to detect and manipulate Majorana fermions in solid state devices. It is argued that the experiments on semiconductor quantum wires proximity coupled to superconducting leads present tantalizing hints but not a definitive evidence for these elusive particles."

[3] Connection between Quaicrystals and Topological Insulators
"The properties that characterize topological insulators, such as symmetry protected surface states, also appear in materials with quasiperiodic order."
A. Quandt, Physics 5, 99 (2012)
Y. E. Kraus, Y. Lahini, Z. Ringel, M. Verbin, and O. Zilberberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 106402 (2012),
M. Verbin, O. Zilberberg, Y. E. Kraus, Y. Lahini, and Y. Silberberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 076403 (2013).

[4] Kondo Topological Insulator
A Kondo insulator has a temperature dependent band-gap unlike the conventional band insulators due to interactions underlying the Kondo effect. Samarium Hexaboride - a Kondo-lattice compound harbors conduction states on the surface in its insulating phase.
S. Wolgast et al., arXiv:1211.5104
X. Zhang et al., Phys. Rev. X 3, 011011 (2013).

[5] Quantum Synchronization of Conjugated Variables
"The superconducting device suggested shall manifest a quantum-Hall-like (fractionally) quantized transresistance owing to the synchronization of Bloch and Josephson oscillations."
A. M. Hriscu and Yu. V. Nazarov, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 097002 (2013)

[6] Surface Codes: Towards practical large-scale quantum computation
Austin G. Fowler, Matteo Mariantoni, John M. Martinis, Andrew N. Cleland, Phys. Rev. A 86, 032324 (2012).

[7] Possible Sign of Annihilating Majorana Pairs
InAs nanowire is connected between two superconducting leads. Two Majorana quasiparticles now appear at the two ends of the nanowire in presence of a strong magnetic field. A conductance peak in the wire at zero voltage indicating the existence of Majorana fermions.
A. D. K. Finck, D. J. Van Harlingen, P. K. Mohseni, K. Jung and X. Li, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 126406 (2013).

[8] Coupling spin qubits via superconductors
" When two single-electron quantum dots are tunnel coupled to the same superconductor, the singlet component of the two-electron state partially leaks into the superconductor via crossed Andreev reflection."
M. Leijnse, K. Flensberg, arXiv: 1303.3507

[9] Fractional and integer quantum Hall effects in the zeroth Landau level in graphene
"Experiments on the fractional quantized Hall effect in the zeroth Landau level of graphene have revealed some striking differences between filling factors in the ranges 0<|\nu|<1 and 1<|\nu|<2."
D. A. Abanin, B. E. Feldman, A. Yacoby, B. I. Halperin, arXiv:1303.5372

[10] Topological Mirror Superconductivity
"The existence of topological superconductors (SC) protected by mirror and time reversal (TR) symmetries is studied. Representative models are introduced and experimental signatures in feasible systems are suggested. "
F. Zhang, C. L. Kane and E. J. Mele, arXiv:1303.4144