Dr.K.S.R.Koteswara Rao

________________________________________________________________________________   Principal Research Scientist                       Phone: +91-080-3092866(off.)   Department of Physics                                         +91-080-3092316(Lab.)   Indian Institute of Science                   +91-080-3602937(Res.)   Bangalore - 560012                   Fax: +91-080-3602602(Phy.)   INDIA                   +91-080-3600683/085(IISc.)   Email: ksrkrao[at]physics[dot]iisc[dot]ernet[dot]in           Telex: 0845-8349 IISC IN ________________________________________________________________________________   Research Interests:   Semiconductor Science and Technology:   * GaAs lift-off technology   * Growth and Characterization of InGaAs/GaAs Heterostructures   * Growth of InSb and InGaSb crystals for Infrared Detector Applications   * Characterization of Semiconductor Materials by   Fourier Transform Pholotuminescence Spectroscopy (FTPL)   Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS)   * Preparation and characterization of nano-structured porous Si and cluster Si. ________________________________________________________________________________   Sponsored Research Projects:   1. Fourier Transform Photoluminescence Characterization of InGaAs/GaAs   Heterostructures and multiple quantum wells grown by MBE.(SSPL)   2. Photoluminescence and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy charaterization   of MOCVD grown GaAs on various substrates for space grade SC Applications. (IISc/ISRO).   3. A monograph on materials and technology of infrared detectors.(DesiDoc)   4. Growth of InSb based epilayers for infrared detector applications.   5. Optical and Electrical characterization of pure and doped CdTe single crystals.   6. Growth of InSb and InGaSb crystals for infrared applications. ________________________________________________________________________________   Some Recent Publications:   Relationship of the gold related donor and acceptor levels in silicon:   K.S.R.Koteswara Rao, Vikram Kumar, S.K.Premachandran and K.P.Raghunath,   Journal of Applied Physics 69, 2714, 1991.   Interaction of gold related and irradiation induced defects in silicon:   K.S.R.Koteswara Rao, Vikram Kumar, S.K.Premachandran and K.P.Raghunath,   Journal of Applied Physics 69, 8205, 1991.   Donor related deep level in bulk GaSb:   P.S.Dutta, K.S.R.Koteswara Rao, K.S.Sangunni, H.L.Bhat and Vikram Kumar,   Applied Physics Letters 65, 1412, 1994   Process-induced defects in manufacture of GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuits:   R.K.Purohit, G.C.Dubey, S.Dayal R.Gulati, V.R.Balakrishnan,K.S.R.Koteswara Rao,   and A.K.Sreedhar, Materials Science and Engineering B 28, 268, 1994.   Fine structure in 1.4eV band in amorphous silicon deposited on silicon substrates:   K.S.R.K.Rao, A.K.Sreedhar, H.L.Bhat, R.A.Singh, G.C.Dubey and Vikram Kumar,   Applied Physics Letters 68, 1458, 1996.   Persistent photoconductivity in high energy irradiated carbon films prepared by plasma   assisted chemical vapour deposition:   Somnath Bhattacharya, K.S.R.K.Rao, S.V.Subramanyam, and D. Kanjilal,   Applied Physics Letters 68, 2079-81, 1996   Low threshold ovonic switching in a-Si:H/InSb Heterostructures:   R. Venkataraghavan, K.S.R.K.Rao, H.L.Bhat, S.Pal and G.C.Dubey,   Solid State Communications 102(10), 759, 1997   Comparative Studies of Si-doped n-type MOVPE GaAs on Ge and GaAs substrates:   M.K.Hudait, P.Modak, S. Hardikar, K.S.R.K.Rao and S.B.Krupanidhi,   Materials Science and Engineering B55, 53-67,1998.   Identification of the nature of platinum related midgap state in silicon by deep level   transient spectroscopy:   K.S.R.K.Rao, S.V.Pandurangaiah, P.N.Reddy and B.P.N.Reddy,   Journal of Applied Physics, 85(4), 2175-2178, 1999   Photoluminescence studies on gray tracked KTiPO4 single crystals :   A.Deepthy, M.N.Satyanarayan, K.S.R.K. Rao and H.L.Bhat,   Journal of Applied Physics 85, 8332, 1999.   Optimum Atomic Spacing for AlAs Etching in GaAs Epitaxial Lift-Off Technology :   Kota S. R. Koteswara Rao, Takeshi Katayama, Shin Yokoyama and Masataka Hirose   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Vol.39 (2000) L457 Part 2, No. 5B, 15 May 2000. ________________________________________________________________________________   A few good centers for Semiconductor Techonology:   Research Center for Nanodevices and Systems (RCNS), Hiroshima University   Friederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory (MRL)   Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)   Photonics Innovation Center (PIC)   Center for Integrated Systems (CIS) ________________________________________________________________________________   Some Interesting Links:   American Institute of Physics (AIP)   Institute of Physics, London (IoP)   Optical Society of America (OSA)   The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)   LANL e-print archive   Center for Quantum Computation ________________________________________________________________________________