Prof. K.P. Ramesh


NMR/NQR in solids, Glasses and Glass ceramics, Conducting polymers, Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric (FE and AFE)  mixed systems, Optical, Dielectric and Magnetic Resonance studies in Nd3+ doped glasses, Zero field NMR in Lanthanum Manganite systems, Low frequency NQR for detection of explosives.


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Research Interests

*   Glasses and glass ceramics.

*   Conducting and semi conducting Polymers.

*   FE+AFE proton glasses.

*   NMR/NQR instrumentation.

*   Zero Field NMR and low frequency NQR.

 Selected Papers


Study of the effect of alkali mixture on V-O bond length in Oxyfluoro Vanadate

glasses using Raman spectroscopy

Gajanan V. Honnavar,  Prabhava S. N,  K.P. Ramesh

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 370,  6–9,  (2013).


Role of carrier density and disorder on anisotropic charge transport in polypyrrole

Vaibhav Varade, P. Anjaneyulu, C. S. Suchand Sangeeth, K. P. Ramesh and Reghu Menon.

J. Appl. Phys. 113, 023708 (2013).


35Cl NQR frequency and spin lattice relaxation time in 3, 4 -dichlorophenol  as a function

Pressure and temperature.

  L.Ramu, K.P.Ramesh and R.Chandramani             

 Magn.  Reson.  Chem. 51, 4-8 , (2013).


“Correlated conformation and charge transport in mutiwall carbon nanotube –

conducting polymer nanocomposites

Paramita Kar Choudhury, S. Ramaprabhu, K. P. Ramesh and Reghu Menon.

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23,  265303, (2011).


Optical absorption and photoluminescence studies of Nd3+ doped alkali boro

            germanate glasses

Sunil Kumar S, Jayakrishna Khatei , S. Kasthurirengan, K.S.R. Koteswara Rao , K.P. Ramesh.

            Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids.  357, 842–846, (2011).



NMR relaxation study of disorder in the mixed system  BPxGPI(1-x) and the low

Temperature transition from classical to quantum rotation.

M.N. Ramanuja, K.P. Ramesh and J. Ramakrishna.

            Mol. Phys. 107 (7) , 643 – 652,  (2009).


            1H and 19F NMR relaxation time studies in (NH4)2ZrF6 superionic conductor

            K.J. Mallikarjunaiah,  K.P. Ramesh and R. Damle

Applied Magnetic Resonance  35(3),  449 – 458,  (2009).


1H NMR study of internal motions and quantum rotational tunneling in   (CH3)4NGeCl3

K.J. Mallikarjunaiah,  K. Jugeshwar singh, K.P. Ramesh and  R. Damle    

Magn  Reson.  Chem.  46(2) 110-114, (2008).


Pressure  and temperature dependence of Chlorine NQR in Caesium and Sodium chlorates.

K.P. Ramesh,  K.S. Suresh, C.R.Raghavendra Rao and  J. Ramakrishna,

Magn.  Reson.  Chem.   46(6) 525-533, (2008).


Study of molecular dynamics and cross relaxation in tetramethylammonium hexafluorophosphate

(CH3)4NPF6 by 1H and 19F NMR.

             K.J. Mallikarjunaiah,  R. Damle and  K.P. Ramesh

Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  34, 180-185, (2008).



1H NMR and charge transport in metallic polypyrrole at ultra low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

            K.Jugeshwar Singh, W.G. Clark, K.P. Ramesh and Reghu Menon.

Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter,  20,  465208 (9pp), (2008).


Disorder in Condensed  matter systems : Proton SLR study of the mixed systems of

           Betaine Phosphate and Glycine Phosphate BPxGPI(1-x)             

M. N. Ramanuja , K. P. Ramesh  and J. Ramakrishna

Magn  Reson.  Chem.  45 (12), 1027-1034, (2007).


Study of molecular reorientation and quantum rotational tunneling in

Tetramethylammonium Selenate by 1H NMR

K.J. Mallikarjunaiah,  K. C. Paramita,  K.P. Ramesh and  R. Damle    

      Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 32,  11-15 (2007).


            Synthesis, structural and transport properties of nanocrystalline La(1-x)BaxMnO3 (0.0<x<0.3) powders

M Nagabhushanaa, G.T. Chandrappaa, R.P. Sreekanth Chakradhar, K.P. Ramesh, C. Shivakumara.

Solid State Communications 136, 427–432. (2005).


            11 B NMR spin-lattice relaxation study in Nd 3+ doped binary alkali  borate glasses : A

            possible method to look at the environment of rare-earth sites in glasses. 

            Sutirtha Mukhopadhyay, K. P. Ramesh  and  J. Ramakrishna

            Phys Rev. B  72, 054201 (2005).


            Solution combustion derived nanocrystalline Zn2 SiO4 :Mn phosphors: A spectroscopic view

            R. P. Sreekanth Chakradhar, B. M. Nagabhushana and G. T. Chandrappa,

            K. P. Ramesh,  J. L. Rao

J.       Chem. Phys. 121 (20), 10250, ( 2004).


            Rare-earth ion-assisted nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in Nd 3+ -doped

            binary sodium borate glasses: 11 B NMR study

            Sutirtha Mukhopadhyay, K. P. Ramesh, Ramaswamy Kannan,  and

            J. Ramakrishna   Phys. Rev.  B 70, 224202 (2004).


            Mixed alkali effect in borate glasses - EPR and optical band gap studies in

            xNa2O-(30-x)K2O-70B2O3 glasses doped with Gd3+ ions.

            R.P. Sreekanth Chakradhar, K.P. Ramesh, J.L. Rao and J. Ramakrishna.

            Modern  Physics  Letters B 18, 83, (2004).


            Proton NMR T1  studies in Methyl ammonium trichloro Stannate (II)  CH3NH3SnCl3.

            S. Senthil Kumaran,  K.P. Ramesh, J. Ramakrishna.

            Phase Transitions 75(6),  597, (2002).


            35Cl NQR studies of 1-Chloro-2,4 dinitrobenzene and 1,2-dichloro -3   

            nitrobenzene as a function of pressure and temperature.

            J. Srinivas, R.K. Subramanian,  K.P.Ramesh, J.Ramakrishna, K.S. Suresh

and C. Raghavendra Rao, Magn. Reson. in Chemistry 40, 337 (2002). 


            Pressure Dependence of the  Chlorine NQR in  Three Solid Chloro Anisoles.

            K.S. Suresh, K.P. Ramesh,  C. Raghavendra Rao  and J. Ramakrishna,     

Z. Naturforsch.  56a,   764,  (2001).


Research Projects Undertaken


*    Spin and  Charge dynamics in Conducting Polymers by NMR  studies funded by DST –NSF S&T

*    Molecular Dynamics Including Rotational Tunneling in Polymers and Orientational Glasses

using NMR and INS  DAE-BRNS

*    Design and development of NQR detection system for explosives.



*      Collaborators

Prof. Reghu Menon
Prof. R. K. Damle

Prof. W. G. Clark


*      Technical support

Dr. M.N. Ramanuja.  (Senior Scientific Officer)


*      Recent Ph.D. thesis awarded

Dr. K. Jugeshwar Singh

Dr. Paramita Kar Choudhury


*      Present students

Mr. S. Sunil Kumar

Mr. Vaibhav Varade

Mr. Gajanan Honnavar

Mr. B. M. Siddesh


*      Project Assistant

Venkataramana Avabhrath