Astronomy and Astrophysics Programme, IISc
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Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has an active research group in Astronomy and Astrophysics that is part of the Physics department. Currently this group has seven faculty members, working in different areas of astrophysics.

We also coordinate the Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP) – a programme for training PhD students in astrophysics, jointly run with several collaborating institutes within Bangalore. The Joint Astronomy Programme was established in 1982 before there was any astrophysics group in IISc.  The IISc astrophysics group started in 1986. 

We take students to do PhD degree under the supervision of the faculty members at our group or at the institutes participating in JAP. See Student opportunities.

Anyone interested in a postdoctoral or a research internship position in our group can contact the individual faculty members.

Please see the IISc astro group's wikispaces page for latest information, especially the talk schedule. Latest JAP related information is here. Here is the latest JAP PhD course syllabus.

At present this group is in a growth mode and is looking for bright young astrophysicists (both observers and theorists/simulators) to join our faculty.  See Faculty positions.

Magnetic structures near the solar surface
The whirpool galaxy M51
Accretion disk and jet in a binary system: taken from NASA website
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