Group: Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Srividhya Parthasarathi
Research Interest:

Study of bacterial model membrane-molecule interactions using high resolution microscopy

Dr. Jhili Mishra
Research Interest:

Correlating nanoscale structural and dynamical transitions in bacterial membrane with the emergence of antimicrobial resistance: inside from super resolution STED nanoscopy

Dr. Aishee Dey
Research Interest:

Study of bacterial membrane- molecule interactions using confocal microscopy, STED, and FCS

Dr. Manish Duhan
Research Interest:

Study of light-matter interaction between quantum emitters and photonics cavity.

Dr. Moupiya Ghosh
Research Interest:

Materials Science; Nano medicine (drug synthesis, drug delivery, bioimaging); Nanomaterials (Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications); X-ray crystallography, Structural and microstructural characterizations; Structure-property relationship; Waste water treatment